sweet dreams
jung yoojin.
chaos manipulation.

r/s: single and desperately looking

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There was nothing more annoying than being stuck in a travelling group where your only shelter was a tent. The most annoying part of that was that there was very little electricity and the absence of internet, which was Yoojin’s life-force. Before becoming part of the circus, she had been the normal teenage girl, glued to her electronics and very active in the social networking world. She had a blog that she had updated frequently and her cell phone constantly buzzed with messages from classmates and admirers that she didn’t pay much attention to. But, regardless of her lack of fondness, she still smiled when she felt the familiar movement of her cell phone. Girls enjoyed being liked, even if she didn’t feel the same sentiments for them.

Because of the internet issues with the circus, Yoojin found that the few days of free time when the circus moved allowed her to venture off into the city to visit internet cafes. In this time, she could let her readers know what was going on in her new ever-changing circus life. Her entries were nothing but strings of unimportant details and rants about anyone that happened to scuff her shoes told from an immature perspective, but they pulled many readers from all over the globe.

The uncomfortable ride to Gwangju was one that Yoojin couldn’t help but be excited about and after the initial set-up and settling into her tent, she didn’t waste any time to pull her friend, Chunji, off of the circus grounds and into the city to search for her oasis to charge her phone and post a new entry for her readers. She clung to Chunji as they walked down the sidewalk, arms tightly holding his bicep as if she were going to float away if she let go, a slight skip in her step as she eagerly studied each sign on each building. There had to be an internet café somewhere close.

“Oppa, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen my email inbox,” Yoojin whined, tugging at her companion’s arm. “Do you even have an email address? We should email each other sometime. It’ll be fun. We’ll be like pen-pals, but not.”